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Malted Bloomer

The malted bloomer made using a mix of white, rye and malted flour. It makes great sandwiches as it slices so well and is perfect as a breakfast toast.

Sourdough Boule

Our sourdough boule is a real winner. It is not overly crusty or sour in flavour so goes well as a sandwich or as toast and could grace any lunch table.

Traditional White Bloomer

The traditional white bloomer with the classic diagonal slashes on the top. Golden and crusty it makes great sandwiches and toast or just eat it with jam and butter for a real treat.

Honey & Spelt Loaf

The small honey and spelt loaf has a lovely delicate honey flavour and is perfect with cheese.

Wholemeal Tin Loaf

A wholemeal tin loaf, using stoneground wholemeal flour, is perfect for sandwiches and toast.

Sea Salt & Rosemary Loaf

A white Italian loaf flavoured with fresh rosemary. The crust is slashed in the pattern of a star and sprinkled with crystals of sea salt, sparkling like diamonds. It goes well with many foods and is particularly good with roast pork and chicken or as a sandwich or a platter of cold meats.

Seeded Loaf

The seeded loaf made from a combination of rye, white and wholemeal flours. It is also rich in seeds, sesame, poppy, linseed and sunflower.

Pain de Mie

A very special pain de mie. This makes a lovely Croque Monsieur. It has a soft crust and a rich flavour.

Rye Bread

Our 100% rye bread has a lovely depth of flavour. The perfect loaf to eat with smoked salmon or cheese.

Gluten Free Seeded Bread

Our gluten free seeded bread is full of seeds. It uses buckwheat, brown rice and potato flour so is perfect for anyone with a sensitive gut.

Panini Bread Rolls

Italian panini bread rolls, a small ciabatta. Ideal for toasted sandwiches. Will go into a panini grill or can go under a normal grill.

White Rolls

These white baps are used for our burgers at the restaurant but are just as good with other fillings.

White Sandwich Tin Loaf

Our white sandwich tin loaf is perfect for sandwiches and toast. Very light.

White Farmhouse Tin Loaf

This classic British loaf has a soft crust and is easy to slice so is great as a sandwich or toast bread.


Our leavened flat bread is the perfect partner for must stews, soups and casseroles or mezze meals.

Wholemeal Sandwich Loaf

A not so dense, soft wholemeal loaf. Makes great sandwiches and toast.

French Stick

The classic long thin French loaf also know as the baguette. An icon of french life can now be purchased from the Honesty Bakery.


This beautiful bread enriched with eggs and butter is a light indulgence. Traditionally eaten at breakfast it is just as good at tea time.

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